APM part of Total Monitoring Solution

Application Performance

The application performance monitoring tools passively monitors application transactions in real time. Reporting of response time for users, network and application tiers. Transaction details are stored and can be leveraged for troubleshooting, baselining, error detection, performance and availability analysis, trend reporting and many other functions up to forensics. 

NPM part of Total Monitoring Solution

Network Performance

See into device/interface availability be it physical or virtual, traffic analysis details across LAN, WAN, and Cloud environments, and uncovers threatening traffic patterns where you may be playing host to rogue or other non-production traffic. Monitor WAN resources as they are the single smallest bottleneck of most infrastructures.

VPM part of Total Monitoring Solution

VoIP Performance

Gain one of a kind performance visibility into VoIP quality of experience in an easy to understand graphical depiction of the call, with drill down into each individual call to understand the underlying degradation factors. Monitor different sites through one central based system.

Application, Network and VoIP measurement in one user friendly interface.
SaaS in the cloud

SaaS or Cloud monitoring

Monitoring business continuity and network quality for Internet based services as Salesforce, Office 365, Oracle or your own cloud-hosted applications. Diagnoses immediately performance and connectivity problems and compares the real figures to the negociated SLA's of your service providers. Includes multi-step transaction monitoring.

Total Network visibility and control

Network and Security

NET-measure also offers services (SAAS) or products for network management. We provide means to discovery, classification and correlation of ALL elements on your network. This means you can see what is connected to your network, who is using it and where they are located. The system allows automated company policies to be implemented without strain on network staff.Automatic alerting when traffic patterns breach security policies or rogue network devices represents a security gap. Combats Malware by identifying potential zero-day threats.

Behind Virtualisation

Illuminating the Blind Spots of your Virtualised Data Center.Server virtualisation has been phenomenal the last years with as result:greater efficiencies of shared resources, cost savings and flexibility. Making better use of x86 computer/server systems to meet a burgeoning set of demands promises substantial benefit—as long as visibility and other challenges can be overcome. With up to 80 percent of data center traffic now traveling between VMs within the same hypervisor, end-to-end visibility has become a major concern. Through the use of vTAPs we can provide superior functionality that gives you access again to the performance information you require.