Area of activity

Geographic activity:

NET-measure is commercially active in Europe, with a focus on the BeNeLux countries. On request of our existing customer base, who have sometimes worldwide networks, we are technically active worldwide with our own team or through partners.  

Commercial activity within large corporations, multinationals and government agencies.


Our customers are Manufacturers, Petrol companies, Car manufacturers, Ministries, Universities including University Hospitals, Pharmaceutical, Bank and Insurance companies, Retailers, Cable companies and Energy providers.

Area of expertise

How to measure IT? Enterprise WANs and Cloud computing based on multiple tier Network Operators and Service providers.

We know all about Servers and Virtual Servers, Routers, Firewalls, Protocols such as IP, SNMP and NetFlow, J-Flow, NetStream, Cflowd or IPFIX (just to name some) and log analyse of all type and how to measure faults and latency.


Recently we have broadened our knowledge on "internet of things" as we see it as the next threat to your network. It will slow down communications and it might make the network uncontrollable. None of both you wish to happen on the spine of your business.


NET-measure selects the best of breed solution for your request where we always work with solutions from vendor independant test & measurement/security suppliers. 

Since many years, we have been representing Netscout on the European Market. With the take over of Fluke Networks by Netscout, NET-measure has become a NETSCOUT PLATINUM PARTNER for Performance measurement and Security products. 



NETSCOUT and REBASOFT offer intelligent Security solutions that are quite complementary to the standard set of security tools. Both have an offering for additional security within the company network perimeter.


NET-measure is the continuation of MC Vado who had over 10 year experience in product sales for monitoring and analysing of Networks. We take it a step further as we supply also additional services such as SaaS where no initial investments is needed from the customer. 

Our customers


We are supplying products and services to different international players such as banks, car manufacterers, energy multinationals, pharmaceutical companies, industrial groups and in the healthcare sector directly and through a network of resellers. We also provide adequate solutions to governmental agencies, ministeries and international organisations.

Our territory is the Benelux countries including supplying our customers up to their local branches all over the world. Our organisation delivers and maintains equipment locally as well as remotely from the America's to the Far-East and Oceania.


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