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CDO of the Year 2019

a 24-10-2019
b Boulevard Lambermont 1, 1000 Brussels
NET-measure sponsors the "Election of the CDO of the Year" event. To us, a good CDO needs to know how he can monitor network, key-applications the IT department offers, in the cloud or in the data-center.

Infosecurity, Data en Cloud Expo 2020

a 18-03-2020
b Belgiƫplein 1, 1020 Brussels
Annual exhibition on the technology for IT, IT Security and Cloud computing. NET-measure will be showing the latest on Monitoring - Service assurance - Security and Analytics. As your business is at risk you need visibility. Come and see us at booth 08.C182.


a 26-04-2020
b S Ocean Drive, Hollywood, Fl
Annual Netscout user community worldwide event. From April 26th till 30th, 2020. Global in-person event with presentation and training, focused on the latests Netscout products, solutions and services. Unique opportunity to connect and demystify visibility without borders. After all, your network is your enabler for everything happening in your business.