Myths to DDoS

DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks have become increasingly sophisticated over time, which explains why they’re still essential for your business. There are a lot of myths about DDoS protection, but which ones are true and which ones are not? Discover the myths that are critical to protect your business from DDoS attacks.

DDoS is no longer a challenge

The most dangerous myth about DDoS attacks is that they’re nothing to be concerned about anymore. A good reason to debunk this myth is the changing nature of DDoS attacks. In the last years, the size and severity of average DDoS attacks have multiplied with hundreds of gigabytes. Attackers are moving away from simple volumetric floods, and are focusing more on sophisticated, harder to mitigate application-layer (L7)-attacks.


The long-term consequences can be serious and far-reaching. Think about the potential loss of web traffic and the risk of your organization’s reputation being permanently tarnished. With all of this in mind, it’s essential to remember that no one is immune to those cyber crimes. DDoS attacks can harm businesses of any size.

Your public cloud provider has the solution

Contrary to what many people claim, DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks are an increasing problem for cloud- and hosting providers. The difficulty is mostly that security tools offered by public cloud vendors only provide basic protection. Moreover, such tools will only protect assets which are hosted on that provider’s public cloud environment, but not assets hosted elsewhere on other cloud environments or in physical data centers. Basic protection can't compete 100% with the rapid growth of DDoS attacks in scale and frequency. When the attack is large enough to saturate Internet connectivity, then everything that shares the same Internet connectivity can be affected.


You can overall conclude that DDoS attack protection is just a feature of a public cloud provider, as a low-cost basic protection. It’s better to opt for a good security-oriented solution provider that specializes in DDoS protection.

All DDoS protections are the same

Protection is more and more focused on application security and data protection, but less on network-layer security. This has led some organizations to believe that DDoS protections are all the same. DDoS protection services vary wildly by technology, network, and service.


While a lower price may seem attractive, there could be hidden costs. Some vendors offer a low price, but restrict the number or size of attacks that they’ll mitigate. When an attack is too large, they will ask you to upgrade to a higher (and more costly) tier of service. What’s important is the level of service and expertise you can expect to receive when your assets are under attack. What type of support and analysis do you receive before, during, and after an attack?


Review and compare options when choosing website security and select a provider that thoroughly has the experience you need and understands the DDoS landscape.


Now you know it’s still essential to choose a DDoS protection service that offers behavioral protections which go beyond simple signature, rate limits and have the capacity to even deal with the largest DDoS-attacks.

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