NET-measure's Services & Cloud Services

Offering SaaS solutions for network management, product selection, installation, consultancy, training and keeping systems up-to-date are cornerstones of our service.


With the possibility of SaaS for Fluke Networks Truview or Rebasoft's Threat-Auditor we offer a solution for companies who want to outsource. It is even possible to outsource the complete Network Management with a 24/7 service and get alarmed/informed only on the anomalies or changes that are happening in the network. Besides the monitoring, you will get additional security features on top. As this is a customer specific solution please send us a mail at info@net-measure.com so we can set up a meeting.

Installation, maintenance and keeping your monitoring devices up to the latest version.

NET-measure has a team available for pre-installation and installation of the equipment components (if needed). Our services are available for Europe and the Middle-East. Reliable partners can be contact for installations elsewhere in the World. 

We can be SPOC (single point of contact) or second level support in case of an issue that might arise as well as insuring the maintenance of your management software to the latest revision.


For customers who buy our solutions we also have an outstanding training, technical and functional. As a result you will improve staff productivity, minimize downtime and reduce support requests. This can be done at the customer location or at our facilities.


NET-measure is also consultant for organisations or companies that require additional information on how to monitor the network and what can be monitored or managed. Also for clients who wanted to outsource their network management, we've build already a unique experience