Netscout TruView Live: Monitoring of SaaS / Cloud performance

With the new direction in IT, where companies go to SaaS, a good monitoring solution is needed. Netscout's TruView Live is such a tool that does this right from the first moment. With the ability to monitor services like Salesforce, Windows 365 or any other Cloud program or infrastructure from anywhere in the world, you have a tool that enables SLA-monitoring.

Truview Live

As a stand alone SaaS service or an element of the Netscout's Truview Suite, Live is a utility that gives answer to following questions:

  • Can my users access the business services they need to do their job ?
  • Why is it slow, and why are users getting disconnected ?
  • Is the network performing at an acceptable level and is the promised SLA respected?
  • Is the problem my domain, my WAN provider or my SaaS provider?

What is TruView Live?

It is a performance management service to help IT support teams to ensure business continuity through Network Quality, Service Continuity and eventually VoIP Quality. Live uses on-premises and global public sensors that can be centrally managed. Sensors can be software or hardware sensors.

Live is a cloud-hosted active test service operated by Netscout. It is subscription based and can be integrated eventually with your existing TruView service. It permanently diagnoses performance and connectivity problems.

The system performs four categories of tests:

  1. Service continuity
  2. Network quality, Server and application monitoring
  3. VoIP quality
  4. Multi-step transaction monitoring

For more information please contact info@net-measure.com or go to the contact page.