Netscout's nGeniusOne: Monitoring Networks, Applications, Servers and so much more...

Netscout's top notch product for Application and Network performance management up to multiple 100G interfaces.

nGeniusOne provides ...

the ability to track, baseline trend and monitor individual application performance of every end-user experience, enterprise-wide through a highly customizable dashboard. It also provides high volume archival at multiple 10 Gbps line rate and comprehensive VoIP and Video monitoring and troubleshooting. Without doubt, very important for all of your business critical applications.

nGeniusOne is ...


It can produce actionable data in less than 30 minutes after installation and has built-in auto discovery and configuration. All of this with one intuitive web interface.



With self-learning performance baselines, time correlated views and guided workflows. 



Providing monitoring and troubleshooting capabilities in a single appliance and enterprise scalability through a distributed architecture. It offers 5 tools in 1 solution:  

  1. Response time monitoring
  2. Retrospective packet analysis
  3. Network traffic analysis
  4. Device performance monitoring 
  5. VoIP performance monitoring

-NON INTRUSIVE to your IT operation.

Designed to have no impact on your network elements, servers or applications.


nGeniusOne is also...




WAN utilization and traffic profiling has never been easier than with nGeniusOne Capacity Planning reporting engine. Just filter on the network interfaces of interest and nGeniusOne provides you with easy to understand views of how long, or not, any given interface has been over or under-utilized. The utilization information is based upon 60 second granularity across an entire year assuring you of an accurate depiction of network utilization which leads to more informed bandwidth decisions.




On-board packet archival at sustained full line rate 10 Gbps ensures you’ll never miss an important event again. nGeniusOne provides transaction level visibility with stream reconstruction into the N-Tier environment, which will allow you to visualize what the end user actually experienced.




nGeniusOne combines disparate data sets into a single time correlated context. If the network round trip time is high, the product's contextual site based pages also show traffic analysis data as well as device health information. This type of common sense approach to displaying data makes problem domain isolation possible by reviewing a single page rather than navigating through endless graphs of desperate data.


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