Rebasoft's Threat-Auditor: Security for Networks

Threat-Auditor allows you to automatically make decisions and take action based upon rules to meet your organisations security needs. Organisations deploy multiple security control systems, but no single tool can do everything, which is why Threat-Auditor is so useful.
Rebasoft's Answer

Fundamental Questions for your Network

  • What's connected ?
  • Where devices are connected ?
  • Who's connected ?
  • Where are my threats ?
  • Who's Talking to Who ?
  • What's changing and Why did it Change?

Revealing your network

With Treat-Auditor, Rebasoft and NET-measure offer a solution for a full network discovery, a classification of all elements and tool to manage and monitor.

It is a flexible system that can take information from a wide variety of systems and take decisions based upon what it finds, enabling organisations to link multiple systems together to improve security.

Risk Management

Using information discoverd by Security Auditor, part of the Treat-Auditor suite, decisions and actions can be automated based on a set of predefined rules or company policies.

It also ensures continuous compliance based upon risk classification vs current beheaviour.

The program links and cross-references against reliable information sources.

It becomes an easy way to provide policy compliance for BYOD initiatives.

The solution for improving security for identifying and managing of rogue devices.

Improve Security Controls

Treat-Auditor ensures relevant devices have sufficient security controls such as DLP.

It combats Malware by identifying potential zero-day threats.

If devices are not compliant, Treat-Auditor issues active commands to network elements.

Data Leakage

Identification and alerting to unusual or unauthorised types of traffic from particular types of devices